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Sto LotusanColor

StoLotusan Color

Self-cleaning façade paint with Lotus-Effect®


Self-cleaning, innovative exterior paint with the Lotus-Effect®. Water is unable to
get a grip on the surface, and dirt simply washes off in the rain, keeping the façade
clean and dry for longer.

To ensure that the Lotus-Effect® works it is essential to prepare the surface with
Sto-Hydrogrund first.

For further information, visit the Lotusan FAQ.

Article No. Description Price Colour Unit
03206-091 15 ltr Pail (White) £164.25 N/A Minus quantity  Plus quantity
03206-087 5 ltr Pail (White) £54.75 N/A Minus quantity  Plus quantity
03206-090 15 ltr Pail (Tinted) £185.55 Pick colour Select colour Minus quantity  Plus quantity
03206-086 5 ltr Pail (Tinted) £61.85 Pick colour Select colour Minus quantity  Plus quantity
09663-056 Colour Sample Card £0.35 Pick colour Select colour Minus quantity  Plus quantity

Product Details

Finish: Matt
Colour range: Available in a selection of 500 colours from the StoColor System
Pack size: 5ltr, 15ltr
Coats: 2
Consumption: Approx. 5-6m2 per litre depending on substrate
Application: Roller, brush or airless spray device

Key Benefits

  • Prevents water and dirt from settling on the surface. Any loose dirt is simply washed
    away when it rains.
  • By preventing damp and dirt deposits, StoLotusan Color provides the best natural
    protection against algae growth on the painted surface.
  • StoLotusan Color is a water based paint, free of solvents, biocides and other volatile
    organic compounds.
  • Excellent weather and UV resistance.


More information

  • Not suitable for timber or metal substrates.
  • Consumption rates shown are per coat. StoLotusan Color requires two coats to perform as intended. A 5m2 wall should therefore require 2 litres of paint.
  • Requires rain water to work as intended.
  • An algicidal film formation is added to StoLotusan Color to protect it during the curing process. Rain will naturally remove this ingredient once the paint has dried. This process takes approx. 2-6 weeks, during which time the Lotus-Effect® will not be 100% active.
  • Oily materials, such as motor oil and tar, can’t be washed away using the Lotus-Effect®.
  • It should be noted that some water-borne/greasy deposits can cause staining, especially over detailing that can cause water to regularly drip onto the painted surface. It is therefore particularly important to ensure that cappings are used and that StoLotusan Color paint is only applied at 150mm above ground level to avoid ground water splashing.

Important Update

From the 1st September, 2014, the StoShop service will be suspended until further notice.

For help with your order, please call: 0141 892 8000, email:, fax: 0141 892 8099